We specialise in…


Helping clinics to implement the digital workflow into its processes


Creating dental prosthetics that are tailored to each patient


Aplicar en nuestro centro de fresado lo último en tecnología y procesos CAD-CAM

We combine digital precision and comprehensive service to produce 100% customised prosthetics and oral solutions of the best quality available.

Ziacom Medical: the parent company of Ziacor

Ziacor belongs to the Ziacom Medical conglomerate, a company with over 15 years’ experience in working to improve the well-being of patients around the world by designing and manufacturing innovative high-quality dental implant, prosthetic component, surgical kit and biomaterial solutions
With the support of Ziacom, Ziacor offer professionals the most innovative instruments for them to implement a fully digital workflow in their clinic, from digital impression-taking for every clinical case, to surgery and the CAD or software-aided design, and the CAM stage, or production of the final restoration.

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