Finishes that are unique to the market

Ultra-high precision results

Guaranteed biocompatibility

Excellent strength and durability

Custom digital and 3D orthodontics

Our milling centre is equipped with the latest 3D technology to bring you and your patients solutions that are 100% tailor-made and of the highest quality for orthodontic or dental implant treatments.


Invisible orthodontics

Invisible splints for the progressive and painless correction of dental imperfections.


Splints and retainers

All types of splints and retainers for orthodontics, bruxism or other clinical situations.


Surgical Guides

Surgical guides to perform guided dental implant surgery with predictable outcomes.


3D dental models

3D models and jaws to create surgical guides.

Discover our device for combining mock-up and try-in appointments

Supported by the latest technology, ZiaTestOne reduces the number of intermediate try-ins needed to create dental prostheses, minimising costs, times and achieving precise and efficient results.

Materials and prosthetic combinations available

See our full catalogue to discover all possible combinations for rehabilitations and the materials available.